Free Menulog and UberEats Alternative
For Restaurants

Free online orders directly on your website and Facebook page

Tired of paying Menulog and UberEats fees?

Taking online orders through a food ordering portal like Menulog or UberEats puts a significant pressure on the profitability of each order.

Menulog and UberEats charge a fee per each order placed through their website and apps. And while the rates are not disclosed, Quartz[1] has found out that the average commission is 13.5% upto 35% with UberEats!

Free Menulog and UberEats alternative

As an alternative to Menulog and UberEats, My Food Order enables you to receive unlimited online orders from your website and Facebook page. And it’s all completely free of charge:

  • No commissions
  • No binding contracts

My Food Order is a do-it-yourself platform for restaurants with a freemium business model. Online ordering is free forever. We monetize through additional premium features we offer.

Keep your customers
on your website

When your customers press the order button, the online menu opens over your website, as part of a whole.

The widget is optimized for conversions, and the color scheme is neutral, so it can all blend together nicely with your own website design and branding.

Your customers, not ours

Unlike Menulog or other Menulog competitors, we believe that your customers are your customers. Thus, you can easily access all the orders and contact information in the ordering system without any restrictions.

You can export the bulk data and use it how you see fit, or you can call our API to push the orders directly into a 3rd party system.

Online payments go straight to your account

Say goodbye to cash-flow issues. You now have a Menulog alternative where your customers’ payments go straight to your account. We don’t touch the money and you don’t have to wait.

This is one of our premium features. We charge a fix amount of $20 per week for providing the payment integration.

What’s in it for you?

Commission per order


Online restaurant menu optimized for conversions


Online ordering for website & Facebook


Order taking app for Android & iOS


Run a promotion or a coupon deal



Customer database & detailed reports


Pictures in menu & images stock



Enable customers to order for later


Multiple restaurant locations


Online/Credit Card Payment Service


Advanced Promo Marketing


Sales Optimized Website


Discount offer for all


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